Westat and Accolade Support are Hiring Work at Home Workers

Westat is hiring At-Home Telephone Data Collectors.

Accolade Support is hiring Call Center PC Desktop Support Agents.

More about At Home Telephone Data Collectors Position from Westat website:

Telephone data collectors administer questionnaires over the telephone. They read the questions aloud clearly and distinctly, and record the respondent’s answers accurately. Our studies are typically conducted in English but often require individuals who can also conduct the study in other languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and Korean. Telephone data collectors are paid on an hourly basis.

English-speaking data collectors start at $8.25 per hour. Bilingual (English/Spanish) data collectors start at $10.25 per hour. Data collectors working weekend hours (Saturday and Sunday) receive an additional $2.00 per hour.

To be eligible to work as a telephone data collector from your home, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Able to establish rapport, follow a script as a conversation, and complete surveys with selected respondents.
  • Have a quiet home work environment during scheduled work and training hours.
  • Own a reliable Windows-based PC computer.
  • Have moderate computing skills.
  • Able to be on the Internet (cable or DSL) and on a landline telephone at the same time.
  • Own or obtain a corded telephone with a hands-free, corded headset (no cordless, VOIP, or cell phones are permitted).
  • Able to work a minimum of 15 hours a week – either day, evening, or weekend hours.”

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More about the Call Center PC Desktop Support Agents at Accolade website:

We are looking for bright and energetic 100% Telecommute – PC Desktop Support Agents.

Position Title: Call Center Agent
Position Type: Contract – Full Time or Part Time
Compensation: $8.25 to $10.00 per hour
Start Date: Immediately

Applicants should possess ALL of the following skill sets:

Technical skills – A technical skill set with the ability to provide desktop troubleshooting, resolve Internet connectivity issues, and support software applications (with training).

Sales skills – The ability to sell products and services to a wide variety of markets to inbound callers.

Customer service skills – Working with callers who may be frustrated or upset that something hasn’t gone as expected. A key component of this is assuring the customer that you will help them, calming them down, and resolving the situation for them when possible. Patience and a genuine desire to assist our customers is a must.

Attention to detail – Callers will regularly relate information including phone numbers, email addresses, product numbers, messages, and details about their particular reason for calling. Accurately relaying this information to our clients is crucial to your success in this position.

To qualify for this position you must have, or obtain the following:

1. A U.S. based home telephone number. (No cell phones or VOIP phones)
2. A corded telephone set with a headset. (No cordless phones)
3. A PC with Windows 98, or 2000, or XP
4. Your PC wired to a cable modem, DSL modem, or broadband connection. (No wireless connections)
5. A quiet environment where you can take calls without being disrupted or callers hearing any noise or sounds in the background

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