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10 Ways to Help Your Child with Homework

School started about a month ago. I have been busy keeping up and helping with my kid’s homework. For my fourth grader, I review her math homework everyday, making sure she gets the help she needed, and I have to sign her “parent/teacher” communication “organizer” every weekday. For the 6th grader, homework help also involves lot of math and reviewing his daily organizer.

So far both kids are going pretty good at school. They both got all “A”s but one B on their progress reports. I think homework has played an important role in their learning experience, and I am going to share the things you can do to help your child with their homework.

1. Let your child know that homework is important and valuable.

You must have heard your child (or some other kids) saying “I hate homework!” – actually I have heard both of my kids say that! lol! I told them that well sweetie homework is important and if there is not homework, you will likely forget what you learned in class!

2. Set a regular time each day for homework, allowing some time to unwind after school before getting started.

I usually give them 30 minutes after school to rest and relax – having some drink or snack before start doing homework. Don‘t let your child leave homework until just before bedtime.

3. Be sure your child has all essentials, such as papers, book, school notebooks, and pencils.

This seems obvious. I check their supplies, especially pencils and erasers before they come home from school.

4. Help your child get organized by providing folders for papers and a calendar and/or assignment book.

Both of my kids have a folder for themselves, to file their homework, assignments and testes by subject. This helps them review what they learned so far.

5. Have a quiet, clean and well-lit place to study, with a comfortable chair. Keep all schoolwork there.

Again I make sure their desks are clean before they come home from school. They both have table lamps on their desks and enough space.

6. Discourage distractions, including TV, during study time. Allow study breaks at intervals.

No TV while doing homework, otherwise they will never finish and get everything wrong! lol. I do let my kids take a short break if they are having trouble keeping their minds on an assignment.

7. Be available to answer questions or help quiz your child, but keep homework as his or her responsibility to complete.

I am always there to help them with any questions.  but when I help them I give them guidance, not just answers.

8. Spot check homework when it’s completed, but don’t correct assignment unless the teacher has asked you to.

I actually check every question on their homework, which is requested by their teachers. I also ask them to correct the wrong one and check again!

9. Read any comments the teach has made on returned assignments.

Communication with teachers is important! I “talk” with my daughter’s teacher through this “parent/teacher” organizer/calender, and my son’s teacher always reply my email messages promptly!

10. If a homework problem arises, contact the teacher for clarification.

If there are problems both my husband and I can’t help, we make sure the kids ask their teach and follow up on them.

REMEMBER – Praise your child for homework done to the best of his or her ability. Best wish for your child’s success!!

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