51 ways to say ‘I love you’

This is a list of 51 ways to say to your child ‘I love you’. The idea behind the list is to give parent s a wide variety of ways to share some special moments with their children and to use actions instead of words to say “I love you”.

This comes from a handout my son’s teacher gave me a couple years ago, I have kept it for two years and I just want to “publish” it here and share it with other parents.

1. Say “I Love You” to your child every day in many ways.

2. Give yourself a 10-second timeout before dealing with your child when you are angry.

3. Take a walk with your child. Talk about the smells and sights along the way.

4. Look for a rainbow, a pretty leaf, a perfect spider web.

5. Work a puzzle with your child.

6. Listen to your child’s laughter. (Bet you feel a smile coming on!)

7. Visit a library with your child. Pick out some books to read together and some records to listen to together.

8. Make cookies with your child. Then have a party and eat them together.

9. Ask your child to draw a picture that says “Love in the family.”

10. Read the comic section of your Sunday paper together.

11. Be sure to pay attention when your child talks to you.

12. Make a list of positive words. Refer to it often when talking to your child.

13. Make up stories to tell your child.

14. Plan a trip to the zoo. Find pictures of zoo animals and talk about them with your child.

15. Learn a new song with your child. Sing to your child often. Teach your child the songs of your childhood.

16. Involve your child in preparing a special meal.

17. Make bread from scratch on a rainy day.

18. Set a good example for your child by never using words that hurt.

19. Talk to your child about what to do in an emergency.

20. Declare every day a “Hug Day.” Ask for hugs for yourself.

21. Go outdoors to play with your child. Enjoy the fresh air.

22. Help your child help you keep your home clean. Start with easy chores that your child can do.

23. Watch a television program with your child. Pick one that is age appropriate and talk about it afterword.

24. Go to a park. Everyone play.

25. Praise your child every day.

26. Model and teach your child not to use hitting to solve problems.

27. Get together with other parents. Share experiences.

28. Do something nice for yourself. Have a trusted friend watch your child.

29. Find something to laugh about with your child every day. Give yourself permission to be a little silly with your child.

30. Display your child’s “artwork” prominently and proudly.

31. Take a few minutes to sit and rock your child when you both feel like resting.

32. Invite your child’s playmates to your home, then provide a safe place to play.

33. Most children love water. Take a walk in the rain, go swimming, play with bubbles, get out the sprinkler, find sieves, cups, funnels and plastic toys for bathtub fun.

34. Take your child to a museum. Talk about what you see. Answer questions carefully.

35. Pack a picnic lunch together. Cut sandwiches into interesting shapes, make “veggie creatures.”

36. Tell your children special stories about their own beginnings – how they looked, cut things they did as tiny babies – things that make them unique in all the world.

37. Think up your own “field trips.” How about your local fire house, a pumpkin patch, an apple orchard, a farm.

38. Rent a movie that you can enjoy with your child. Make popcorn and have your own “Saturday Night at the Movies.”

39. Help your child look forward to bedtime. Develope a quiet ritual that could include a war bath, warm towels, a bedtime story, some cuddling, a healthy snack.

40. Have confidence in your children so they can develop a sense of self-confidence.

41. Play all kind of music for your child. Sing and dance to the rhythms together.

42. Give your child choices. “Do you want to help clear the table or wiple the dishes?”

43. Remember to say “I’m sorry” to your child.

44. Reinforce positive behavior.

45. Teach your child to solve problems. Ask “what do you think we should do?”

46. Tuck a love note in your child’s lunch box, back pack, coat pocket or under the pillow.

The following are my ideas: 🙂

47. Check your child’s school work and homework.

48. Talk with your child’s teacher about how your child does at school.

49. Visit interesting kids websites with your child.

50. Play fun and educational games with your child.

51. Make crafts with your child together.

Parents, do you have more ideas? Share it leave a comment!

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