About: Work at Home Directory

I am working on a REAL work at home directory – a directory that lists:

  1. Legitimate companies that have telecommuting jobs;
  2. Legitimate and practical home based business opportunities;
  3. Various money making and income opportunities (not a job or a home business)
  4. Best work at home resources – websites that are truly helpful and provide honest and comprehensive information.

The purpose of this directory is to provide a comprehensive and well categorized work at home reference, helping people quickly and easily find and research work at home jobs and business & income opportunities. I realized that there are tons of “work at home directory” websites already, but I am dedicated to make this one unique and truly helpful.

While using this directory, please make sure to read the description of each category carefully. Since some categories could list real companies that offer work at home telecommuting JOBs, others list home based business and income opportunities or other work at home resources. It’s important to know and understand what you are looking for and expect.

Building this directory will be a working progress, meaning it will not be done overnight. While I am doing my research on work at home ideas and opportunities, I will gradually expand the listing. So please come back from time to time, since it is very likely there are new listings added since your last visit. 🙂

Each listing on this directory is the result of my own independent research or from my personal experience, meaning I will NOT list anything unless I have looked into it or have tried it myself. So I am very confident this directory WILL BE the best work at home directory and resource.

If you have any experience (positive or negative) with any companies or websites listed in this directory, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment to share your story, and your feedback and suggestion are always welcome and appreciated. 🙂

You can always access the directory through the Work At Home Directory link located at the top menu.


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