Work at home jobs – Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most popular work at home jobs. Like the “regular” on-site customer service job, work at home customer service representatives/operators assist customers over the phone, via fax, email and live chat. Majority of the customer service work are done through telephone, so a land-line telephone line often is required to perform the work. Other common requirements for work at home… [Continue Reading...]

Work From Home Options

Before you start looking for work at home jobs or home based business opportunities, you should know what are the work from home options, meaning: 1. Work at home job market – what kind of jobs that you can do from home and which companies offer home based employment opportunities; 2. Home based business opportunities – there are many business opportunities that can be operated… [Continue Reading...]


Johnny was playing with the LeapPad while I was cooking dinner in the kitchen. Suddenly Johnny said: “Hi Mom, I know where Georgia lives!!”. (Georgia is the little girl in Johnny’s kindergarten class, also ride on the same bus with him.). I was little surprised and I said really? Then Johnny said yes mommy, come on, let me show you! So I went over and… [Continue Reading...]

What do you do if you see a parent berating a child?

I was reading an article “Life’s 25 Toughest Questions ANSWERED!” published on the March 2006 issue of Reader’s Digest. One of the questions is: What do you do if you see a parent berating a child? Answer (in RD): “Take a deep breathe. If you truly believe you can help the situation, approach as someone showing sympathy – not as an accuse or member of [Continue Reading...]