How to Make Extra Money Online & – Legit & Free

make-extra-money-online-legit-freeDo you know there are real legitimate and free ways to make extra money online these days?

Over the years I have found and tried those ideas to make enough extra cash to help pay for gas, movie nights, dinning out, holiday and birthday gifts for my family and even some bills.

These side hustles may not make you rich, but they are great ways to supplement your income, can be done online from the comfort of your home and during your spare time.

In this article I am going to share with you some money making opportunists that are:  #1. all proven to be legitimate; #2. flexible – you can do them anytime you want; #3. easy to do – require no special skills; #4. are absolutely free with no cost to you. Now let’s get started!

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Join Shopper’s Perspective Community and Earn Gift Cards!

shopper_perspective_communityJoin Shopper’s Perspective Community – where you can share your opinion on grocery shopping and earn gift cards! Open to US residents, 18 and older.

The Shoppers Perspective Community is an online community comprised of shoppers across America willing to share their opinions about their shopping experience. This online community seeks to understand the modern day shopper and provide a place for members of the community to interact, share ideas, and give opinions on today’s leading brands. We are excited to hear what you have to say!

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Top United States Online Paid Surveys Sites

Paid online surveys is a great way to make extra income online – it is totally free and legitimate. You can get paid to take consumer opinion surveys conducted by market research companies. You won’t get rich by taking online surveys, but it is an easy and fun way to make some extra cash.

I have been taking online paid surveys for over 5 years and over the years have found quite some great and legitimate online paid survey sites.  Following are the top 15 and best United States paid survey sites that are legitimate and FREE to join:

  1. Global Test Market
    Get paid points to take every online survey and focus group. Points are redeemable for cash(check). One account per household. Accept 14+ years old.
  2. SurveyHead/iPoll
    Get paid cash (Paypal) for taking each survey. $5.00 sign up credit. Surveyhead was founded by the founders of, they have LOT of surveys, and accept members worldwide. Open to 18+ years old.
  3. Pinecone Research
    Members earn points for taking surveys and points can be redeemed for cash (via Paypal/check). Must be 18 and older to join. One account per household. Make sure fill out the “profile survey” which will be sent to you shortly after you fill out the sign up form, otherwise you will not be accepted into the panel.  pinecone research review
  4. Opinion Outpost
    Powered by SSI (SurveySamplingInternational), panel members earn points for every survey. Points for cash (Paypal) or amazon gift cards.
  5. Toluna US
    They pay cash (Paypal) for most surveys. Have many focus groups & high paying surveys. . Open to 13+ years old.
  6. SurveySavvy
    Get paid cash(check) for surveys and focus groups. Many surveys are very rewarding. They have a double tier referral structure. One account per household. Accept 14+ years old.
  7. Ipsos i Say
    Get paid points for online surveys. Points for cash (check) or amazon/other gift cards or prize.
  8. American Consumer Opinion
    Enter drawings for screeners, get paid cash(check) each time for a survey or focus group. Open to 14+ years old.
  9. E-Poll
    Earn points for every survey. Points for cash(Paypal) or gift cards inclu .amazon gift certificates or prize. One account per household. Open to 13+ years old.
  10. MyPoints
    Members earn points for taking every survey. (You get 5 points if don’t qualify). Points can redeemed for cash via Paypal, amazon and other popular store gift cards such as Walmart, Target, Macys etc. They also have paid emails. Very reliable site.18+.
  11. LegerWeb
    Legerweb is  great Canadian based online paid survey site, they also open to US residents. Members get paid cash (by check) for every survey they complete.
  12. YouGov
    You earn points for surveys, points convert to cash, amazon gift cards or prize. Minimum age requirement 14 years old.
  13. MyOpinionNow
    Members earn points for surveys, points redeemable for cash (via check). Must be 18 and older to join.
  14. Homescan (National Consumer Panel)
    Members are rewarded points for scanning store purchases and taking online and mail surveys. Points can be redeeed for various merchandise. 18+
  15. Paid Viewpoint
    Paid Viewpoint pay members cash directly via Paypal. They offer mostly very short but interesting surveys. Must be at least 13 years old to join.
  16. Product Report Card
    Members get paid cash (via pre-paid visa card) and amazon gift cards for completing online surveys.  $5.00 for signing up. Minimum age requirement 13 years old.

Please visit for a complete list of legitimate US paid online survey sites.

Get Paid to Write Consumer Product Reviews & Ratings is a website that publishes consumer product reviews and rating. As a consumer, you can earn rewards by rating and reviewing various products and services.

How Does it work?

First, you need to Sign Up at ViewPoints. The sign up process is very easy, you just need to select a screen name (user name), provide your email address and set a password.

Once you are signed up, you are a member of ViewPoints. You can log into your account, and start writing reviews! When you write a qualifying review that is at least 700 characters long in an eligible product category, you’ll earn Rewards Points that will be awarded to your account and visible on the Your Rewards section of your profile upon Viewpoints’ approval of the review. Points are awarded within 72 hours.

Every 500 points (500 Points = One $5 Gift Card) you earn can be redeemed for gift cards to a variety of retailers, such as Gift card options depend on availability at the time Rewards Points are redeemed.

Qualifying reviews are worth 25 Rewards Points each. Occasionally,  Rewards points an be doubled or tripled for qualifying reviews in featured categories. Point amounts are labeled on the product page and review form of individual products in eligible categories. You must be logged in to your Viewpoints account to see point labels displayed in eligible categories.

What Products and Service can you write reviews about?

The selection of products and services you can review is almost endless!! Here are main product and service categories you can write about:

  • Kitchen Appliances – Blenders, Coffee Makers, Dishwashers, Mixers, Refrigerators and more….
  • Laundry & Cleaning – Clothes Dryerd,  Detergent, Sewing Machines, Vacuums, Washing Machines…more
  • Home & Garden – Dog Food, Mattresses, Paints, Snowblowers, Space Heaters…. and more
  • Bath & Beauty – Acne & Blemish Treatments, Anti-Aging Skin Care, Body Lotions, Hair Coloring, Shampoo…
  • Health – Cold & Flu Medicine, Diet Pills, Diets, Electric Toothbrushes, Multivitamins…
  • Babies & Kids – Baby Bottles, Baby Formula, Car Seats, Diapers, Strollers…
  • Computers & Electronics – All-In-One Printers, Flat Screen TVs, Headphones, Smartphones, Tablets…
  • Money – Airlines, Cable TV Providers, Cell Phone Providers, Credit Cards, Insurance Companies

A few notes about writing reviews

  • You review must has a minimum of 200 characters in order to be publicly posted on the site. If your review is less than 200 characters, it will be saved as a draft. It will only be published once the minimum character count has been met.
  • You may only write one review per product or service. However, you may update your existing review at any time.
  • Your reviews need to be truthful, detailing your personal experiences with certain products and revealing anything good or bad, pros or cons about them.

How do I get started?

To get started, just Sign Up at ViewPoints.  Once you are signed up, log into your account, you will see a “Write a review” button at the top of the page. To get updates on high points value review opportunities, go to your account setting, under “subscription”, make sure you check to subscribe all the items.

Join Health Zone Advisory Panel Earn Amazon Gift Cards

Are you into health and wellness? Your opinion counts! Join Health Zone Advisory Panel  and earn $20 for sharing yours thoughts!

The Health Zone Advisory Panel is a private advisory panel for a major household manufacturer.  As a member of this panel you will provide feedback on a series of surveys (4-5) over the next 6-8 weeks. Your feedback and insights will help guide their decision making.

As a member of the panel, you will receive $20 in Amazon gift cards for participating in the surveys. Gift cards will be provided at the end of the study and you must complete 60% or more of the surveys to qualify to receive the gift cards.

The panel will focus on health and wellness as it relates to small kitchen appliances and making of smoothies and juices at home.

The panel is free to join and you can stop participating at any time.

Spots are limited and open on a first come basis.

If you are interested in joining this panel, click here.