Fighting Back Against Identity Theft

Today got a letter and a brochure from the United States Postal Service, which provide with tips and steps consumers can take to deter, defect and defend against identity theft. I read through the brochure and found the information very useful. I decided to “record” almost everything in the brochure in case I lose it (or don’t know where to find it when I need… [Continue Reading...]

How to Waive Bank of America Checking Account Monthly Fee

I have a Bank of America MyAcess checking account, and I really like it. It is free (when there is at least one direct deposit during the month), and I specially like their online FREE bill paying feature. The only problem is If I don’t have a direct deposit during the month, a $5.95 monthly maintenance fee will be charged to my account. The good… [Continue Reading...]

Suze Orman’s Top 10 list

As usual, I watched Suze Orman show tonight. At the beginning of the show, Suze mentioned the top 10 things you can do to make the most of your money in the year 2008: 1. Try to get out of credit card debt – I am not surprise this is the #1. 🙂 My credit card has balance at 0% for life, so no hurry… [Continue Reading...]