Work at Home Craft Assembly Job and Business

You can work at home making money either by making and selling crafts yourself (Crafting Home Business) or making crafts for somebody else (Home Crafting Jobs).

Crafting Home Business

For those who are creative and good at artwork and craft making, a crafting home business is a good work at home option. You can make and sell your OWN arts and crafting products.

Most people who successfully working at home doing crafting run their own crafting business. They are creative and make high quality and unique arts and crafts. The kind of crafting products you can make is just endless – greeting cards, jewelry, pottery, artwork, candle, bags and purses, clothing, bookmarks, calenders, blankets, quilt and many many others that you can ever imagine. You can sell your arts and crafts online or at local art fairs or shows. Many crafting business owners sell their products on their own website, EBay and Etsy .

Home Craft Assembly Jobs

There are companies offer home crafts assembly jobs. Usually they require you to buy a start up kit which contains training instructions and basic supplies to make the first few crafts to try out.

However, many people found out that the home crafting jobs don’t work for them, simply because the crafting companies won’t pay you until your work pass their very strict inspection, and most of the time your work will NOT pass the inspection. Sure there are people who can pass the inspection but many can’t and therefore end up LOSING money doing home crafting jobs. You probably have heard lot of people complain that home craft assembly are scams mainly due to this reason.

Disciple’s Cross

Disciple CrossDisciple Cross is a company I would recommend for those who want to make money doing home craft assembly but don’t have his/her own product line. Many people are making money with Disciple’s Cross because Disciple Cross grants you resell right and Disciple Cross’s necklaces are quite easy to sell. Some people even buy the products from wholesale and sell them to make a profit. Disciple Cross does have a buy back program but lot of people think the their inspection is very strict and difficult to pass. Of course there are people who CAN pass inspection and make money. But basically everyone agrees that the best way to make money with Disciple Cross is to make and sell the products yourself. You can sell the necklaces to local schools and churches for fundraising, you can sell them at local Christian bookstores, local craft stores, jewelry shops and beauty salons and even bakeries. Of course you can sell them online. Anywhere there is retail traffic people will take interest in these cross necklaces.  Another tip for making the Disciple Cross necklace is purchasing the pre-bent nails off the net, because bending the nails is not easy to do, and using those low cost pre-bent nails will make the job a lot easier. You can buy the pre-bent nails at

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  1. am looking to by disciple crosses to minister to my patients as i work in hospital and i would like to mby the multi-color one would you tell me how much and where can i get them thanks

  2. I am a single mom and I wanted to know good business that will pay me from home to do there arts and crafts jobs. Where you have to pay little or nothing to get started.

  3. I recently purchased a start-up kit from Disciples Cross.
    If you know a better vocation, please inform me.

    God bless

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