Home safety tips for baby

Dangers in the home are the leading cause of accidental injury and death for children ages 6 months to 16 years. Babies will get into everything! Look for dangers and child proof in advance.

Take some time to go through your entire home. Get a kid’s eye view and look at potential dangers through a different perspective. If something stands out as a potential danger – fix it immediately!

Let’s start…

1. Unplug all electrical appliances each time you use them, and never leave cords within baby’s reach. Tape them or coil them up;

2. Keep baby away from all plastic bags, which includes (not limited to) sandwich bags and plastic food wrap;

3. Stick plastic plug protectors in all electrical outlets;

4. Install plastic safety latches in drawers and cabinets;

5. Put plastic corner guards on your tables;

6. Install safety gates at the top and bottom of every stairway, you also might needs gates for rooms that don’t have doors;

7. Put all matches out of child’s reach, remove all ashtrays, cigarettes and cigars;

8. Keep baby away from the fireplace;

9. Make sure all household cleaning products out of child’s reach;

10. Check under your sinks, the broom closet, garage and basement. Read product labels. If you see the word WARNINg, keep it locked up or well out of baby’s reach;

11. Teach your baby to never touch the stove, weather it’s turned on or not – say “HOT”, keep pan handles turned inward and keep hot dishes away from baby;

12. Keep any knives, other sharp objects and hot food beverages and glassware out of baby reach.

13. When your baby is in his carrier, always leave the carrier on the foloor not on a counter or table;

14. The safest place for the safety seat in a car is in the middle of the back seat;

15. Always buckle the safety belt when your baby is in a high chair or carrier;

16. Do not place your baby or child’s safety seat in front of an air bag;

17. Throw out whatever you don’t need anymore in your medicne cabinet. Store what you keep up high, so baby can’t reach it;

18. Babies put everything in their mouths. Always be on the lookout for things that should NOT go in the baby’s mouth;

19. Never leave your baby alone in the kitchen, in the bathtub, by the fireplace, outside, in the car, with a stranger, with pets or young children;

20. Finally, keep these number handy: Poison Control Center, Fire Department, 911 and police department, baby’s health provider.


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