How To Deal With Young Picky Eaters

Does this sound familiar? “Yuk! I’m not eating dinner. I don’t like anything here.” If you have a picky eater in your household – and most families do, there are some easy ways to help her get through this stage.

Keep conversation at mealtime light and keep your cool. If your child says she doesn’t like the food, don’t push her to eat more. Instead try to find out what she likes by serving small portions, and encourage her to try a bit of each item. Stay calm and don’t let food become a power struggle between you and your child.

Have your child involved in preparing meals. You can let her help you shop for food, pick out recipes, While she watch you cook or cooking together, you can talk about how to make a healthy meal and give her choice. For example you can ask her if she prefer to have grilled chicken or fish. Having a say lets her feel more important and in control and she’ll be more likely to eat the meal she help prepared.

Don’t give up . Over time, your youngster’s tastes will change. For foods he has turned down before, try offering them in a different way. For instance, make “carrot fries” (toss carrot sticks with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and bake at 425F until tender and browned). You child who “hated” carrots might love this version!

Watch the clock around the meal time. Make sure your child is hungry for meals. Encourage her to be busy with homework or play before dinner or lunch, and it’s important no snacks of any kind an hour before mealtime. This step is very important because she won’t eat much no matter what you server her if she is not hungry!


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