Idapted is Hiring English Trainers

IDapted work at home jobIdapted is looking for trainers. You must be dependable, hardworking and good at multi-tasking. You will be teaching Chinese students the English language as well as learning about their culture. Pay is per call, and if you do your job well you will easily take four calls in an hour.
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How Idapted works

As independent contractors, Idapted instructors are paid for the services that they provide to Idapted. Idapted instructors deliver services for English language training, screening and testing, using the skills learnt in certification and the Idapted Live on-demand learning system. Once qualified and trained through our certification program, Idapted instructors contract their skills to Idapted. Instructors supply their own equipment and work space and sign a contract with Idapted to provide services for language training through Idapted’s system.

Great job satisfaction, flexible hours and rewarding income opportunity

As an Idapted instructor; you will have the opportunity to use newly acquired skills to teach and help students improve their English. Many students have never had the opportunity to speak to a native speaker of English and many of our instructors find the quick progress that students make very satisfying. Coupled with flexible hours to work whenever you are free and a rewarding income for your time, the Idapted opportunity makes for an outstanding work-at-home choice.

5 thoughts on “Idapted is Hiring English Trainers

  1. I have taken your test and everything. I would like to know if I was selected to assist you with your students in english speaking. Please call me at 301-925-7076 or email me at I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Vivian Simmons

  2. Hi Leona, the position probably already closed. I suggest you check out other online teaching companies listed on the Work At Home Directory. Good luck to you!

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