Judge Mathis is looking for court researchers

Judge Mathis is looking for court researchers all across the country. If you are interested, please fax your resume to 1-877-721-9191


According to what I heard from people who work for Judge Mathis, this job does not require you to have any kind of special training. You will need to go to the court houses near you and pull cases. When you find interesting unusual cases, you make copies or write the pertinent information down and FedEx them overnight every day you work. You get paid per hour.

One thought on “Judge Mathis is looking for court researchers

  1. Hey Judge I love your show Im 22 a mother and wife…Im hardworking responsible serious caring and looking for work. I love your show and your website. I dont have internet and im on my cellular phone. I was hopeing i could get some info on job leads and hopefully a chance to work for you! I love the criminal justice field investigation forensics and healthcare. I have GED and some college and paper resume. Please contact me! Happy Holidays!

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