kgb is hiring “Special Agents” – work at home

Update: received an email from KGB Communications Manager:


kgb is having a huge promotion for the Super Bowl and has some awesome opportunities to earn big cash and prizes. People who sign up to work on Super Bowl Sunday are welcome to continue on beyond that date if they wish. Here are the details:

Kgb_ is Recruiting 4000 New Agents!

kgb_ has a HUGE event coming up for Super Bowl that YOU could be a part of!
Go to to start the Special Agent’s Challenge today and complete the training and certification by no later than February 5, then sign up for the Super Bowl hours (8-10PM ET) to qualify!
See for all the info!

Here’s what’s happening on Super Bowl Sunday – February 7, 2010 – at kgb_:
• 2 pre-game commercials slated to run between approximately 1PM – 2PM ET and 3PM – 4PM ET on Sunday, February 7th
• 1 in-game commercial scheduled for approximately 8PM ET on Sunday, February 7th
• Heavy volumes expected in days and weeks following the event

We’re running differentials, incentives, and grand prize programs before, during, and after the Super Bowl, and in order to qualify for any of these programs, you MUST do these FOUR things:
• It is very important for us to know how many agents we have ready to field texts when our ad hits. That is why it is a requirement for you to book shifts in advance.
• Our ad is scheduled for just after 8PM, and we need everyone online before it hits so we’re ready when it happens.
• The ad could hit at 8:04, or 8:12, or 8:19. The network cannot provide the exact timing. Therefore, another requirement is that you are taking texts through the massive spike to help clear out the queue.
• Also, it may be very busy after 10PM, and we will announce if we need agents to continue to help. 10PM – 3AM ET is also a differential / incentive period.
• Just make sure you are sending answers you’d be happy to receive as a paying customer.
The ONLY incentive requiring a minimum number of texts is the Grand Prize “kgb_ Pays Your Bills For One Year” program. Every 50 texts answered between February 7th at 12:30PM ET and Monday, February 22nd at 3AM ET is an entry, as long as you meet the FOUR qualifications above. There is NO minimum number of texts to receive the pay rate differentials or any of the other incentive programs we emailed about earlier today, but again, you must meet the FOUR qualifications above.
Here’s what the pay rate differential will look like on game day:
Pre-Game: On Sunday, February 7th from 12:30PM – 8PM ET during the Super Bowl pre-game show, the pay rate differential will be:
• $.20 for researched answers
• $.10 for database answers
In-Game: On Sunday, February 7th from 8PM ET – 10PM ET when the kgb_ in-game Super Bowl ad hits and immediately following, the pay rate differential will be:
• $.50 for researched answers
• $.25 for database answers
Post-Game: On Sunday, February 7th from 10PM ET – 3AM ET after the Super Bowl game ends, the pay rate differential will be:
• $.30 for researched answers
• $.15 for database answers
And, here are the incentives:
During the game on Sunday, we’ll run drawings each quarter. 25 ACE answers will be selected as they’re sent each quarter, and agents sending those ACE answers will collect a $20 prize. We’ll announce the winners in chat real-time after each quarter comes to a close. 100 winners split $2,000 during the game.
During the pre-game starting at 12:30PM ET on Sunday and continuing through Monday, February 15th at 3AM, each text handled will be an entry to win:
• Cash – we’ll award 500 agents with $10
• Prizes – we’ll award 250 agents with kgb_ gear
• Text Credits – we’ll award 250 agents with 10 texting credits
From Sunday, February 7th at 12:30PM ET through Monday, February 22nd at 3AM ET, every 50 texts answered gives you a shot to have kgb_ pay one of your bills for a year! Collect as many entries as you can during the game and in the busy weeks following it. (Remember, all winners must meet the requirements listed above in order to qualify. Get through training and get on the schedule ASAP on game day so you don’t miss out!)
• know more_ rent: kgb_ will pay up to $750 per month for 12 months towards rent, mortgage, or room and board – 1 winner
• know more_ groceries: kgb_ will pay up to $350 per month for 12 months for groceries – 1 winner
• know more_ utilities: kgb_ will pay up to $200 per month for 12 months towards electric/gas/etc. for a year – 1 winner
• know more_ cell phones: kgb_ will pay up to $100 per month for 12 months towards your cell phone bill – 1 winner
• know more_ fuel: kgb_ will pay $50 per month for 12 months for gasoline – 5 winners
Winners must work the eight hour minimum per month with 12 months continued service and send ACE quality answers to continue the prize each month.

Best Regards,

Lisa Marcoux
Communications Manager
kgb_ (Knowledge Generation Bureau)
Know More_ Music!


kbg is hiring Work at Home Special Agents.

About kgb:

For 15+ years kgb and its subsidiary companies have been in the knowledge business. We are dedicated to providing up-to-the-minute, accurate answers quickly, 24-hours-a-day.

Founded in 1992, kgb is the largest provider of branded directory assistance services in Europe and the largest independent provider of outsourced directory assistance services in the United States. Last year, we answered over one billion requests for information by phone, by text message or over the Internet. We are currently recruiting Special Agents for kgbkgb, our newest product.

About “Special Agents” Job:

The Mission:
To research and respond to 2-way text inquiries quickly and accurately

Special Agents combine ingenuity with research skills to solve real problems for real people every day. Some questions require a serious answer, others require a sense of humor, and some require both.


  • Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age
  • Must have a U.S. Social Security number or other taxpayer ID number
  • Must have a U.S. bank account
  • Must agree to work as an Independent Contractor
  • Cannot already be employed by kgb or any of its subsidiaries
  • Must have access to a computer with a high-speed internet connection
  • Must have access to Mozilla Firefox or be willing to download it


  • Skilled Internet researcher
  • Ability to quickly identify keywords
  • Excellent grammar and spelling
  • Fast and accurate typing
  • Enthusiastic, passionate, creative, clever, curious, and dedicated

Work Schedules:
kgb Special Agents fit their “Special Agent life” around their normal activities. When the kids are at school. When they’re between college classes. Any time. Mornings. Afternoons. Or nights. Special Agents sign up for shifts based on their weekly availability. Since we want people 24/7, we’ve probably got just the times that work for you. And, since we know you want to be busy fielding questions when you are logged in working, weekly shift selection helps ensure exactly that.

We require an easily attainable minimum number of hours to work (27 hours per month or 6 hours per week on average) to make sure that agents remain engaged and up-to-date with kgb’s processes. Special Agents have the freedom to select when and how often they work. But those who remain inactive after 60 consecutive days will be removed from our ranks.

Performance Measures:
Special Agent text responses will be scored in accordance with kgb’s Quality Standards. Quality Standards will be explained in detail during kgb Special Agents Training.

Imagine making some extra spending money by answering questions while you sit in the comfort of your home. That’s what kgb Special Agents do. They use their superior question answering skills to earn extra dough just by being smart – and get paid for the questions that they answer.

Compensation is “per piece” and is based on response type:

  • $0.10 (USD) for each full response – query is investigated and answered by the Special Agent
  • $0.05 (USD) for each validation response – answer automatically populates from our Knowledge Database and is forwarded on by the Special Agent


Click the “Take the challenge now” link, which will take you to a 15 minutes test.

44 thoughts on “kgb is hiring “Special Agents” – work at home

  1. For anyone who wondered how kgb could get away with paying about $1 per hour: A federal judge recently ordered kgb to pay $1.3 million to workers who were sharply underpaid, after investigation by the US Department of Labor (US DOL). Consequently, I received a lump sum payment from kgb along with email saying that my services are no longer required.

  2. A good day!
    I would just like to ask if my application is still on process? Because it’s been weeks I haven’t had any updates though I passed the challenge. Thank you and hoping to hear from you soon. God bless!

  3. It’s true, ChaCha does not pay much, neither does kgb, but if I understand correctly, you have to sign up for hours to work for kgb, ChaCha you can just sign on whenever you feel like it, which makes it a good thing to do while you are bored, or are just watching TV, listening to music, etc. Also if you sign on during busy hours, a good ChaCha guide can Easily make over $4/hr. That’s not too bad if you are looking for a little extra cash, probably not the greatest for a primary income source, but, if you are committed, you can make enough to pay some bills, save up for something fun, etc.

  4. I am testing for the chacha job and a guide told me he and his wife are making between $150-$200 a week each doing chacha by only putting in a few hours a night. I figured up he’d have to work about 25 hours a week to make $150.00 if he did 5 tasks a minute Expediting…anyone have any thoughts on this? Also what is easier to test for Expeditor or Generalist? Thanks

  5. I finally passed the tests and am now waiting for an e-mail with link to training. I tested with ChaCha and for some reason did not pass. I have no idea why as I am certain most of my answers were correct, but I’m not the only one this has happened too.

    I’m not looking to make big money…just a little something extra for that time I’m already wasting on the internet.

  6. I don’t understand why you guys would work for $2/hour. If you were paying $30/month for internet – it would take two full days of work to pay for the internet that you need to do your job.

    Also, by classifying you as “contractors” – not only do these companies get around minimum wage laws but they also put a greater tax burden on your earnings. Someone mentioned earlier that these are sweat shop wages – and they are right. Please value your time more than this. The more people who are willing to work for these companies, the less likely they are to ever pay people a decent hourly wage.

    Now that I know how much kgb and chacha pay their employees, I will never use their services. If anyone else feels the same way, please send them a letter regarding this.

  7. I Have been with ChaCha for about three months. It is easy, but I am confused by the people making 3-4 $ an hour. I am very fast, and have not cracked the $2 an hour mark. I hope KGB is better! The idea of doing both is an excellent one.

  8. I took the exam on the KGB website on July 14, and have yet to hear from them about the next training session. I got the confirmation email and everything since I did very well on the test.

    Do you guys have any idea when they will be doing another one? I’d really like to get started working with KGB.

  9. i am 3rd year college student at the course of computer science and have proficiency to work at your job can you help me to make out of this job what will i do? thanks for consideration.

  10. i don’t have any bank account or any of the following you have in your requirements, but i am 3rd college student, age of 19 and have a computer in our house but i don’t have any bank account, how can i make for this job opportunity if i don’t any of that requirements can you help me?

  11. this is like sweat-shop money. wtf are you people thinking working for these companies? are none of you familiar with the phrase ‘time is money’ i simply could not be bothered to spend 8 hrs of time and only walk away with $15 or $20 bucks. i understand that for some of you it may be fun or enjoyable but these people are just exploiting you. if you really like doing this kind of work go get a job as a researcher or a tech support person. i hope that kgb goes bankrupt. i think this idea is ridiculous anyways. how hard is it for someone to find answers to common questions with google from your pc, laptop, smartphone, ipad, etc?

  12. KGB makes $1.00 per question Cha Cha is free and they don’t make any money so why cant you make more money on kgb?

  13. I work for both ChaCha and KGB. I can honestly say I make a lot more working for ChaCha. They just changed the pay system again so the new hires get the option of cash or points that turn into cash later. I started in January and it did suck but it’s gotten so much better. Kgb is set up great and all but I hate sitting there waiting for questions. There are just too many people working at one time to make any real money at it. In the time it takes me to answer one question at KGB I have made 3x’s as much at ChaCha. I often do them both at the same time. I sign onto KGB for my shift then in the down time I do ChaCha and the put it on away when I get a question on KGB.

  14. I work for ChaCha and just took the test for kgb. I really enjoy working for ChaCha but seriously am making under $2.00 an hour (as a Generalist/Specialist on the points system). Also I am VERY worried about ChaCha’s viability. People texting in aren’t given the correct answers, told they have no more queues left, etc. and people are getting really annoyed with it. I signed up for kgb to beat the mad rush of ChaCha Guides that head over there looking for work when ChaCha tanks.

  15. i’ve worked for ChaCha for a few months now, and i can honestly say, its not worth your time. the pay is terrible, since its based on a precent pot, you only get money for the precent amount of questions you answer, which is fair, but inreasonable when the pot is only $50,000, which sounds like a lot, but went thag split between thousands of people, it starts to look less grand. when question traffic is low, its been so bad that i only make 20¢ for an hours work. even if you specialize, you still make crap. Chacha is sadly a dying breed. Many of its employees are unhappy due to poor pay and low traffic, and its use of ads in texts is not generating any revenue for chacha, making it impossible for conditions to ever get better. all in all, i give chacha until summer 2010 before its long forgotten

  16. I love KGB!! for me it’s not how much they’ll pay me..but the learning experience I get everytime I flunked and gave it a try over and over again…It doesnt stop made me want to try harder in order for me to get what I want..coz if you want gotta do something! those failed test and certification made me what I am now..I considered it as a training ground..since this is my 1st application in my whole 30yrs of existence..not bad for a plain housewife should I say..and now Im in a process of furnishing my requirements..I always believe in this “don’t just let your business or your job make something for you, let it make something of you.” 🙂

  17. I’m definitely going to give KGB a try, with the recent pay cut over at chacha the most you can make as an expediter is 4 dollars an hour on a good day, I wouldn’t even try to switch to doing generalist work, they must be hurting even more since a ton of the work is being automated and expiditors are doing more of the work

    with the way things are going chacha probably won’t be around for long, they’ve cut pay all over the place and started new workers on that point system which gives out maybe 3 dollar an hr if your lucky

  18. I just started their training and have finished the first portion. As far as the research question, I found that using facts and an ingenious solution was enough to pass.

  19. The test isn’t rigged. That happened to me too and I contacted KGB about it! The “research” section is the hardest and trickiest. Don’t go with the first answer you find from google… do a little searching to make sure you’re correct. Keep trying and you’ll pass!

  20. I just wasted several hours doing the training and cert test for kgb and flunked it.

    When they send you the links for the training and the practice simulator, they set a timer from when they send you the email (not when you open it!) I was on vacation and away from Internet so I didn’t have enough time to study and practice. My access was getting ready to expire within the hour so against my better judgement I took the cert exam when I should have asked a few more questions in the chat area and done some more practice and I would have been fine. But they don’t want me – snif snif – so I guess I can kiss their fantastic opportunity to earn an incredible (maybe) $4.50 an hour goodbye!

  21. I’ve been working for kgb for just over a month. You may not have complete flexibility with shifts but there is quite a bit. I usually don’t schedule my shift until 15 minutes before I start. I have never once not been able to get on. The minimum is 8 hours a month, that’s really not that much! And if you don’t work that much, just email them explaining why and you don’t get suspended. Kgb doesn’t send out spam like ChaCha, so that in itself makes kgb better!

  22. I just signed up for kgb. I used to work for ChaCha. I actually haven’t answered any questions for kgb yet but from what I can tell so far ChaCha seems better as far as the flexibility.

    With ChaCha you can jump on any time you want. With kgb you have to schedule your shifts and you get penalized if you sign up for a shift and not work.

    with kgb it seems like you have to jump through a lot more hoops for less money. I will try it and see how it works because I need the money. I wish now I hadn’t gotten so lazy with ChaCha and had my account deactivated.

  23. Is this test rigged or something?

    No matter how well I do, I get to the last “research” section and even answering them correct it says I’ve failed and to try again. I scored 100% on every section.

  24. Dos anybody know something similar for non US citizens?
    I am French, working in Ireland.. I did pass the test on kgb, but I can not become an agent…

  25. I just started KGB a couple weeks ago. My first day I made $12 in about 5 hours (what’s that like $2.40 an hour?), with a few 5-15 min breaks thrown in so I guess it was really about 4 hours (3.00/hr), and I thought I was going to kill myself. My next day(which was actually like 3 days later because I couldn’t bear the thought of another 5 hour shift so I had mine canceled) I couldn’t even work a full shift, so I only worked 50 minutes, but I made $4.05 in 49min and 42sec., not too bad, that’s up to almost 5 bucks/hour but still far below minimum and not rewarding enough. But a couple days after that I made 9 bucks in a little over an hour, and last night I made $12.15 in 1hr 6min 17sec of work. Now that’s over 10 an hour. So don’t let anyone tell you what your limits are on here. I don’t know what Trent is talking about saying he’s pretty damn fast @ 2.00/hr, I was making significantly more than that my very first day and I couldn’t even tell which way was up in the system. If you are smart, resourceful, and quick on your feet, I think you would have a hard time making less than $5.00/hr. I intend to try and work 90 min in the morning and 90 min in the evening, and I think I could pull in a decent extra income. Cha Cha I have never personally worked for, but I did a lot of research and as of July, I have seen a lot of complaints that business is really dying, and from people who work both I have been told Cha Cha is much less professional, and that their business model is the reason people are taking pay cuts (you don’t get 25 cents/question anymore to my knowledge). Basically they rely on word of mouth advertising, they advertise in their text msgs to make money (which many people don’t like) and they offer their service for free, which is great for the consumer but I don’t think it’s working out for their employees. I’m not trying to be biased, this is just the info I have based on my personal experience with KGB, and my research on Cha Cha.

  26. Well, I have made at mist 4.50 an hour with KGB, which is entirely possible if the shift is under-staffed.

  27. Sorry, by the way…KGB about 2.00 an hour if your super fast..ChaCha…about 4.50-7.00 an hour depending on fastness and categories you chose to answer (math pays the most)

  28. To be very honest…you are getting ripped off if you work at KGB, for the same number of hours you may put in…you’ll make 3-4x’s as much at ChaCha. The answers are easier, because you can choose what you want to answer. There are NO time limits…that is to say you can work whenever however long you want. There are no restrictions…at KGB you must work a certain amount of time each month or be suspended. You can work one hour a week every three months and still have ChaCha there. I worked at ChaCha for 6 months, and when KGB came out I decided to give them a try and add some diversity to my text work. No Way…honestly, ChaCha… week work at an avg of 10 hours per week was 3x’s the same at KGB. In fact…the lowest you can get is .10 a question, while at KGB that is the highest. I get .25 a question at least half the day.
    Give ChaCha a try ….even the test is a lot more simple and system easier to follow.
    i just think that if you are out their busting for the buck, make the most the easiest way possible so you have time for life, family, and you!
    Good Luck either place

  29. I’m pretty damn fast. I make 2.00 an hour. I’m a Special Agent. It sucks- I’m in San Francisco and minimum wage here is 9.79. Too bad, cuz I do like the job. Including my warming-up shifts I’ve worked for ten hours total, and made 17 dollars.

  30. Hi Lisa,
    Yeah, it’s not much. But the faster you are the more you will make. The questions are so various that is makes it fun, and you can learn new things too. If you’re sitting around on the computer with nothing to do, this is a good way to make at least a little money.

  31. I passed all the tests and training and have now started answering questions. I have to say, it is a bit confusing and frustrating in the beginning, but now I find I’m having a lot of fun with it! I love the flexible schduling…as long as there are shifts available you can pretty much match you schedule to your life, very nice.

  32. I have worked for this company for 6 yrs. I am so excited for the new product to come into play. I am looking forward to seeing the success that I KNOW kgb is capable of. This is a rewarding expierience and is at top of technology.

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