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GTP Overview – Paid Surveys, Paid Offers and Paid Emails

GPT stands for Get Paid To. GPTs are relative easy ways to make extra money. Such as:

Get Paid To do Paid Online Surveys

Paid online surveys is a great way to make extra money, it’s easy and free. There are a good number of legitimate market research companies will pay you for your time and opinions. To be successful on making money with paid surveys, the key is to sign up with real legitimate market research/paid survey companies. Depends on your demographic, you can make between $100 – $500 a month doing paid surveys. I personally make average $200/month and spend an hour/day. MySurvey123.com is an excellent resource to learn paid surveys – It provides the best FREE paid survey lists, paid survey guides and honest paid survey reviews.

Get Paid To do Paid Offers

Here is how it works – you join a paid offer site, and shop or sign up various (free and/or non-free) offers through them. The paid offer sites earn commissions from the merchants, and you get paid by the paid offer sites. This is a win-win situations – you and paid offer sites both make money! Cash Crate is one of the best paid offer sites. They have lot of offers, including many 100% free offers, a open forum where members share experience and tips. They also have a good referral system. Make sure you use a separate email just for them, since when you sign up with those free offers (usually just take a survey), you will get lot of spam emails.

Get Paid To Read/Click Emails (ads)

Here is how it work: you join a Get Paid To Paid Email site, usually giving them your name and email, the Paid Email site delivers ads to your email box, and you click on the link in the email to visit the advertisers’ website – so you are actually get paid to view ads! Usually you get paid cash or points for reading and clicking. Most of those sites also offer other ways to get paid such paid offers and daily surveys. The best paid emails sites are MyPoints , InboxDollars and Hits4Pay. Those three sites have high paying emails, daily surveys as well as paid offers.

The above three are major ONLINE GPTs, there are a couple of Offline GPTs that can also bring you some extra money:

1. Get Paid To Drive – There are companies are willing to pay you for just driving around with their ads on the car you drive. Some even willing to give you a free car. However, you must drive a LOT. Honestly this opportunity sounds pretty good if you drive hundreds of miles a day, but it’s not for me, because there is no way I will drive enough miles to get hired. Recently I came across a pretty good company, called Miles of Marketing – they only accept moms who have kids, and they don’t have high driving mileage requirement (they expect you drive average 20-35 miles a day), and they pay pretty good (usually $100 for a 2 weeks project).

2. Get Paid To do Mystery Shopping – Similar to paid surveys, you can get paid to shop and eat as a mystery shopper. Serious shoppers can make $300 a month or even more, but you need to sign up with quite some legitimate mystery shopping companies. Remember be cautious with mystery shopping scams – those scammers usually ask you to process/return a check, and don’t fall for it!  Here is a huge list of mystery shopping companies – start with the good ones and sign up with more gradually.

Please note Get Paid To (s) (GPT)s are just ways of making EXTRA money, not a substitute of a job, and won’t make you rich or even enough to pay bills . However, they are GOOD extras to supplement your income and of course the extra cash can be very handy.  I will have more posts on Paid Surveys, Paid Offers and Paid Emails since you can make money ONLINE with those GPTs.

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