Medical Transcription Jobs and Training

What is Medical Transcription?

When doctors see patients in hospitals, clinics and physicians? offices, they dictate important information about the patient’s history, physical examination, diseases, procedures, laboratory tests and diagnoses. The medical transcriptionists translates the oral dictation into detailed patient records that accurately communicate medical information.

Medical Transcription Job Market

There is a strong and growing demand in the medical transcription job market.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, “Demand for medical transcriptionists is expected to increase due to rapid growth in health care industries spurred by a growing and aging population.” Their report also says, “Contracting out transcription work overseas and advancements in speech-recognition technology are not expected to significantly reduce the need for well-trained medical transcriptionists domestically.”

Why choose Medical Transcription Career?

The most significant reason is to be able to work from home and enjoy all the benefits of working from home. Other benefits are decent income (expect to earn between $30,000 and $40,000 annually once you’re well-trained) and job security.

How to Become a Medical Transcriptionist

To become a qualified medical transcriptionist, formal training is required. Besides the skills required for general transcription, medical transcriptions must have strong working knowledge of medical language and terminology. Many medical transcription companies prefer to hire the experienced transcriptionists, but they will waive this requirement if the new hire are graduated from the top 3 medical transcriptions schools.

Medical Transcription Training

The TOP 3 medical transcription schools are: 1. Andrew, 2. M-Tec and 3. Career Step. All three schools offer excellent distance learning /online courses. Students who successfully finish the medical transcription courses from these three school have no problems finding a medical transcription job.

Training is critical to become medical transcriptionists, and choosing the right medical transcription training school probably is one of the most important decisions to make. Following are some basic information about the top 3 medical training schools, and you can always contact them directly to request free information.

Andrews School

Tuition of the program is $3800. Payment plan (24 months) with no interest charge is available.


Tier 1 Premier Program: Cost $3495, offers approximately 1155 clock hours of optimum training; (Strongly recommended if plan to work from home for additional medical transcription practice)

Tier 1 Basic Program: Cost $1925, offers approximately 555 clock hours of optimum training;

Tier 2 Premier Program: Cost $3395, offers approximately 1119 clock hours of optimum training;(designed for the healthcare professional RN, MA, RHIA, LPN, RHIT) wanting to make a career change.)

Tier 2 Basic Program: Cost $1825, offers approximately 483 clock hours of optimum training;(designed for the healthcare professional RN, MA, RHIA, LPN, RHIT) wanting to make a career change.)

Career Step

Online Platinum-Level Enrollment – $1560
Online Gold-Level Enrollment – $1320

The Career Step Medical Transcription training program is designed to be completed in 640 hours, or full time for a period of four (4) months. Career Step provides access and services for a period of eight (8) months beyond the initial four (4) month period, providing all students with access to all materials and services for a period of twelve (12) months. (extensions are available)

The above top three schools are ACCP approved medical transcription education programs. Personally I prefer Career Step due to the cost of the program. It is significantly lower than the other two schools without sacrifice of the quality of the education. You can request free information package from them here.

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  1. Anyone considering working as a medical transcriptionist should know that many companies are outsourcing work to India where it’s done cheaper. MT’s are paid on production (the amount of work you produce) and consider that you could be at your desk several hours a pay period and not be paid for it (ie waiting for jobs to upload, checking work email). The pay is barely minimum wage when it shakes out unless your back, neck, and legs can handle sitting long enough to churn out enough reports to be lucrative. Find something else is my advice.

  2. Medical Transcription has proved to be very helpful for the medical field as referring to the raw recording can be very time taking sometimes as compared to the texts on which one can have a quick glance at the point you want to get to.

  3. Health care sector is growing, so does medical transcription industry.More and more trained medical transcriptionists are joining hospitals, physicians. It’s a booming career and also done from home.A medical transcriptionist earns a good handsome salary. Like your post.


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