Online Tutoring/Teaching and Scoring

Online tutoring or teaching is when a tutor or teacher provides educational instruction and/or help to their students, at an online classroom. An online classroom is a secure web environment where the teacher can chat with the student using instant messaging, draw problems on an interactive white board, share files to review essays and papers, and browse educational resources on the web together. Lot of times the online classroom is an one-on-one session that tutors help children with their homework and various school subjects, there are also many companies or websites provide tutoring service to adult learning on subjects such as English language.

Online tutoring and teaching is a great work from home option. You might think that to be able to teach you must have a teaching degree and/or be a certified teacher. That is not always the case. Some companies require their tutors have a bachelor degree or currently enrolled in a university (such as, others might hire those who have tutoring experience. So you need to check out each site’s requirement when apply for online tutoring or teaching jobs. Online tutoring and teaching jobs usually pay at least $10 an hours/session, and certified teachers often can make more.

There are tools you need to have in order to teach and tutor online. You need to have a reliable high speed Internet connection, a good and fast computer – a computer has enough memory, since you might need to download software or application tutor companies use to teach students, such as an online chalk board. Of course you will need to have headset and/or web cam.

While many tutoring companies allow flexible schedules, you need to commit to tutoring during the hours you’ve scheduled and arrive on time, you need to finish the session without any interruption and you can’t leave the session early. You must know your teaching subject well, be able to communicate with your students and be able explain concepts to people of a variety of ages within a online environment.

There are many websites devoted to online tutoring and teaching for children and adults on a variety of subjects. Following are some of the legitimate online tutoring companies. I will be adding more to my work at home directory.

  1. eSylvan –
  2. –
  3. goFlunt –
  4. BrainFuse –
  5. KidSpan –
  6. SmartThinking –
  7. MyTutor24 –
  8. Homework Tutoring –
  9. Aim for A Tutoring –
  10. Tutors Teach –
  11. A-1 Tutor –
  12. eHill –

Besides online tutoring, online scoring is another great work at home option if you have teaching experience. ETS and Pearson both offer exciting work at home online scoring job opportunities. (links see work at home directory)


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