Suze Orman’s Top 10 list

As usual, I watched Suze Orman show tonight. At the beginning of the show, Suze mentioned the top 10 things you can do to make the most of your money in the year 2008: 1. Try to get out of credit card debt – I am not surprise this is the #1. 🙂 My credit card has balance at 0% for life, so no hurry… [Continue Reading...]

General Transcription – How do I start?

Ready to enter the field of general transcription? Here are something you need to know. What kind of work does a general transcriptionist do? General transcription work could include but not limited to: Interviews, business meetings, conference calls, focus groups, press briefings, radio shows, video shows, panel discussions, seminars, lectures and speech etc. Who would use general transcription services? Many businesses and professions use general… [Continue Reading...]

Transcription job overview

What is transcription? Transcription is the process of creating written text from recorded or live audio. It’s a manual act of typing the spoken word, from any audio format, to paper or computer file. Quality and efficient transcription service is very much needed in many businesses and professions. There are three type of transcription – General Transcription, Legal Transcription and Medical Transcription. Skills required for [Continue Reading...]

Home safety tips for baby

Dangers in the home are the leading cause of accidental injury and death for children ages 6 months to 16 years. Babies will get into everything! Look for dangers and child proof in advance. Take some time to go through your entire home. Get a kid’s eye view and look at potential dangers through a different perspective. If something stands out as a potential danger… [Continue Reading...]

Work at home – Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are very popular work at home opportunities, because they are more flexible compare to customer service phone works. However, a legitimate, reliable and long term (either full time or part time) data entry job is very hard to come by. Data entry jobs usually require you have good typing skills. Most jobs require you to be able to type between 15K –… [Continue Reading...]