Pierce Eislen Hiring Rent Surveyors 2014 Winter Season

Real Estate Research firm Pierce Eislen, is now accepting applications for their upcoming Winter 2014 seasonal rent survey.

A resume is required for this position; for additional information and to apply for the Winter survey starting January 6th, please submit a current resume to lhynes@pi-ei.com, if you have not done so already.

This is an independent contractor, telecommute opportunity.

High speed Internet access and long distance telephone service are required. There is no selling involved, but apartment communities are called to ask them simple questions about their apartments, a process requiring good telephone etiquette and a pleasant demeanor.

Surveys must be conducted as a potential renter to ensure accuracy of information. This requires that you be willing to play a role as a renter.

Compensation – After the first week, the pay rate is $11 per hour, with additional bonuses for exceeding a required number of surveys per hour. (Pay for the first week is $10 per hour.)

This is a great work at home job opportunity, it’s flexible and they do not have strict quite work environment requirement. I have heard many good feedback from the work at home mom community about this job!! For more information, click here.  Good luck everyone!

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  1. All sounds good and the compensation is better than the minimum wage. However, it does not say **how** the worker is paid. No information about any method of payment.


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