Starting a Virtual Assistant Business

If you are a experienced virtual assistant, you might want to consider starting your own virtual assistant business. Managing your own business could be very changeling, especially if it’s your first time running a business. Before you start, there are a lot to consider, and here is a list of things you need to think and plan ahead:

1. What services you plan to offer to your client. This of course largely will depend on your skills and experience. You might want to just focus on a few things that you do best and enjoy doing, and gradually expand your service later.

2. What are your goals for the first 3, 6 month and 12 month? This is just a simple business plan outline your short term expectation of your business. How much you expect to make and on what budget. Be realistic and adjust it to accommodate for change and growth in your practice.

3. Choose a business name, get a business licence and incorporate if you choose to set up LLC or S/C corporation.

4. Get all your necessary equipment ready – a good computer, internet access, fax machines, copier and printer and comfortable office chairs.

5. Design and print marketing supplies – business card, fax, letter head, flyers, broucher etc.

6. Design and build your company website, ideally your website domain should be (or close), choose emails address that is based on your company website domain name. Website should be a professional business website.

7. Set up bank account for your business, and/or apply credit cards or loans to cover start up cost if you don’t have savings.

8. Get all the draft business document ready such as business proposal, invoice and billing templates, contacts or letter of agreement etc.

9. Decide how much you are going to charge for your service(s). Research Virtual Assistant industry rate and local business market.

10. Decide how to market your business and networking – Join local professional organizations, Yellow book advertising, direct marketing, Internet Marketing (local craiglist could be a start.)

11. Which industry(s) you want to focus on first – this largely depends on your experience. You might already know some or many potential clients in certain industry, you might find it more effective starting with the familiar territory.

12. Planning on learning new skills. Expanding your skill sets brings you more potential clients, increase business revenue and makes you more competitive.

This list might not be complete, but I hope it give you some ideas and a starting guide to get more prepared to start a successful virtual assistant business. If you enjoy administrative work, running your own virtual assistant business is a great option working from home!

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  1. Very informative post! Wasn’t that clear about the complete idea of exactly what a Virtual assistant is, but after going through your post I’m very much clear with all my queries now. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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