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Data entry jobs are very popular work at home opportunities, because they are more flexible compare to customer service phone works. However, a legitimate, reliable and long term (either full time or part time) data entry job is very hard to come by.

Data entry jobs usually require you have good typing skills. Most jobs require you to be able to type between 15K – 20K with 97% accuracy.

Due to it’s high popularity, there are many data entry scams on the web – websites claim they have data entry jobs but you have to pay a membership fee to access the information, or a data entry “job” offer but you need to pay a fee for training material. Those are scams, do NOT fall for it and waste your time and money!

So, how do you find legitimate data entry jobs? – Apply and send your resume to the legitimate data entry companies, most likely they are not hiring and your will be put on their waiting lists. It could be a very long waiting period, some people waited for 2 years to get a data entry job from those companies.

You can also search craigslist or freelancing sites like and, you might able to find short term temporary data entry assignments, but remember do so with caution and common sense (especially while searching craigslist.)

If you type really fast, and have good listening and English language skills, you might consider other options such as general transcription jobs.

Below are the legitimate companies offer data entry jobs, none of them charge you a fee, which is the way suppose to be.

  1. DionData
  2. Axion Data Services
  3. Key for Cash
  4. Working Solutions (WSOL)
  5. Data Preparation International

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