Misc WAH Jobs

Legitimate companies that offer various work at home jobs that don’t fit other categories.

  1. Leapforce
    Internet Research, similar to Google Rater job above. This is a great work at home opportunity that requires college degree and high speed Internet connection. Need to pass a two-part qualification exam.
  2. LionBridge
    Internet Assessors/Internet Judge job positions, similar to Google Rater & LeapForce.
  3. Parameds
    Phone work (but flexible) – outbound calls to medical facilities requesting medical records for patients who have applied for life, disability, long term care and/or health insurance, and whatever other reasons an insurance agency might need records for. Work is consistent, pay is “case” based.
  4. Pierce-Eislen
    Pierce-Eislen is a real estate market research firm serving the commercial apartment industry in markets throughout the United States. They hire seasonable survyers. The pay rate is $11 per hour, with additional bonuses for exceeding a required number of surveys per hour. Submit your resume to: cwong@pi-ei.com

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